Hello Sunny SES Community of Land Stewards,

Summer is coming! The Sunnyside student gardeners have been feeling the soil dry out, they are noticing some ripening strawberries and they are eagerly sucking nectar out of our Phlomis fruticosa (which is in the 5th grade garden with the white fence). I feel the end of the school year rapidly approaching!

Students are learning to water conservatively with drip lines, rain barrels/cistern and by hand. At times they joyfully get watered themselves by “accident.” For the most part, students water the base of the plants where they know the roots will be able to drink it up.

Please look at your summer calendar to see which week you would be available to water a section of the Sunnyside Gardens! If you’d like to take care of the chickens for a week, just know that this is a highly popular task and preference is given to those who also sign up for watering.

Sign up for your week ASAP so you get the best week for your summer schedule. Watering directions are emailed, so include your email please. There will also be printed directions in the tool shed. Supplies are being set up. Steph will be around for support, as will the team of other watering volunteers, as needed.

Your stewardship is appreciated by all our relations!  Especially the new native plants, the vegetable plants, all kids at heart and the little bugs.

Warmly, Your garden friend,