Sunnyside Green Schoolyard WISH LIST:
In order of priority
#1  Shelter!  We need builders for our tool shed. The rains are coming and the tools are going to get wet!  We have the plan, the lumber, the parts… we need the contractor who can lead a “shed raising”.  The tool shed also serves as an outside classroom for garden classes.
#2  Stand up freezer.  Do you have an old freezer you would like to donate?  Get yourself that new one?  The freezer at Sunnyside is too big and a bit bent..  We use it to preserve our harvest, freeze leftovers from Harvest Fair, and for lots of popsicles of course!
#3  Small fixing/building projects for wooden benches and raised beds, etc. Normal wear and tear and heavy kid use!
#4  Chicken food, straw, and pine shavings are a substantial expense.  Would you like to help by dropping some off for the SES hens?
#6  Compost tumbler!  Have one that you rarely use?  We need it to be “rat proof”/off the ground.  
Contact Steph if you’d be able to offer your assistance in one of these ways.
text/call:  (504)919-0660
Sustainability office is in the back of the auditorium – stop by and see!