The 8th grade SES animal cohort is selling exclusive t-shirts. They are an original, hand-drawn design of endangered animals from around the world, made of 100% cotton. The shirts come in sizes small, medium and large for children, and small, medium, large and extra large for adults.

Each shirt is only $10, with proceeds going directly to Save the Manatee Club, Wolf Haven, and Hawaii Wildlife Fund. The cohort will sell the Ts before school on most Wednesdays and Fridays, and after school on most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Pay with cash or checks made out to Tave Fasce (one of the cohort leaders).

Another way to support the animal cohort is to play the video game they created. In the game, you play a sea turtle moving through the many obstacles these creatures face in real life, including garbage, crabs, seagulls, oil spills and more. Special thanks to Flowlab for donating to SES a free Indie level membership so that the cohort could create this game.

You can also support the cohort by following it on Instagram.

Lastly, the animal cohort’s final project of the year will be this Friday afternoon, during Sunnystock. Everyone is invited to create art using the marine debris they found during river and beach clean ups. The trash will be out, along with large blue paper to use as background for flat or 3D assembled masterpieces depicting a marine animal or marine life: fish, whales, turtles, pelicans, etc. Photos will be taken of each piece and the photos then sent off to the Virtual Voices art project.