Have you been thinking about what you want to grow in your spring and summer garden? You can start many plants now in a south-facing window, so they’re ready to transplant in April and May. Or buy seeds to sow directly in your garden.

Why not ORDER SEEDS and SUPPORT SES GARDENS at the same time? Territorial Seed Company has graciously offered great rates on many quality seeds for our fundraiser. The best part: 45% of the cost of your order goes back to SES for garden projects and supplies. Here’s how to order:

1. Visit http://www.territorialseed.com to view the Territorial Seed Company catalog

2. Print out and complete the order form found online at http://www.territorialseed.com or in the office.

3. Turn in your completed order form in the office by 3:30pm on Tuesday, March 10. Please submit payment with your order form; give cash to Kristy, or make out a check to Learning Gardens Institute (LGI).

Questions? Contact Vinnie or Steph at sunnysidesustainability@gmail.com