In the rush for our kids to finish the school year, it can be tough to take a moment and reflect on all that our students and our community have achieved since the beginning of September last year.
When I look back on everything my own kids have done this year and the learning and discovery all of our children have experienced, I have such profound gratitude for everyone who makes it all possible.As PTSA president this year, I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the daily hustle and bustle at SES. A remarkable and beautiful jumble of seeming chaos that, at the end of the day, week, month and year comes together as a thoughtfully designed whole.

Thank YOU for making that happen. If I tried to name everyone who gave of their time, talents and resources this year, believe me, the list would be long. So rather than try and of course miss this name or that, thanks to:

All the parent volunteers who gave their time in the classroom, on the field trip, on the overnight, in the hallway, the library, the cafeteria, gym, art room, gardens and more.

All the parent volunteers who made the Harvest Fair amazing, the Auction a great success, the Read-a-Thon and Run-Walk fun and successful events, Pi(e) Night, Stone Soup, the Spring Musical, the 3rd Grade Musical as special as ever, and the other events every week that make our school a community.

All the families and friends who contributed financially this year through the Back to School Ask or any of a seemingly endless string of fundraisers that, bit by bit, help fund both the day-to-day needs of SES as well as the amazing programs that make our school the unique place it is.

All the businesses that supported SES this year. From the businesses that supported SES by doing restaurant nights this year—Accanto, Laughing Planet, Pizzicato, Straight from New York Pizza, Pastini and Teote, to all the businesses and families that contributed to the Auction, especially Great Wine Buys, Masala Pop, Bridges Cafe and Aybla Grill for the great food and wine.

To Grand Central Bakery and Stumptown for providing bread and coffee for our events whenever asked.

To all the Belmont businesses who offered discounts and treats to our staff during Staff Appreciation Week.

To Whole Foods on Burnside for…everything. Whole Foods has become a significant partner to SES, providing over $10,000 in financial and in-kind donations over the last several years. The Taste of Thanksgiving event and the 5% Day in September raised close to $5,000 this year and the support of the Whole Foods staff, lead by Helen Lee, has been amazing.

To our PTSA parents for leading fundraisers, selling giftcards, keeping the Community Kitchen in good shape, supporting our staff and teachers, our Room Parents and other parent volunteers, and so many more. When visitors come to our PTSA meetings and our school they always remark at how engaged our parents are and how involved our PTSA is compared to other schools. We are truly fortunate to have so many parents engaged and involved.

And of course to our teachers and staff for the countless hours spent in and out of the classroom teaching and leading our kids–it is really impossible to put into just a few words what a remarkable community of educators our kids experience each day. Thank you.

So really, thanks to YOU…to all the parents and grandparents and friends and businesses and staff and teachers who gave of their time, talents, and resources for our kids and our school community this year.
Finally…If there are volunteers you wish to appreciate, please stop by the table in the front hall these last few days of school. You can write some thank you notes, post them on our “Thank You” banner and the PTSA will mail your messages of gratitude over the summer.
Matthew Latterell

SES PTSA President