Each month during school hours, SES practices emergency response drills (fire drills, lock down, lockout, earthquake). At the end of March, we are going to practice a reunification with parents and students. This drill is to practice what would happen if we needed families to come pick their students up from school due to an emergency situation (weather, earthquake, lockdown, etc.).

Guiding Questions:

  • How will you reunite with your family immediately following a disaster?
  • Do all the members of your family know the plan?
  • Are your emergency contacts up-to-date with Wende in the main office?(Check your emergency contacts in ParentVue in the Student Info section. If they are out of date, email Wende at wjohnso2@pps.net. If you need help with your ParentVue login, stop in the SES office.)

For this practice reunification, we will have parents/guardians check in at stations that will be set up in the front hallway. Those picking up students will need to show a photo ID and be on the student’s emergency contact list.


  • Come in the front main door only..
  • Find the table corresponding to the first letter of your student’s last name.
  • Fill out the PPS reunification form.
  • Hand form and your photo ID to the person at the table.
  • Wait in the auditorium while a runner fetches your student.
  • Sign-out with your student(s) from tables in the auditorium.
  • Leave with your student(s) directly to the outdoors from the auditorium.

OPTING OUT: This is an important drill which will inform us all on how best to get reunited with our kids in case of an emergency. We are hoping that everyone will participate. That said, we understand that taking time off work is not an option for many people. If this is the case, please consider sending one of your emergency contacts to pick-up your child so that they can practice, too.

If you still want your child to walk home on the day of the drill or if you have other circumstances (after school activities, etc.), please contact the office to let us know.

CAMPFIRE: We have been working with Campfire so the transition to Campfire is as smooth as possible. If your child will not be in Campfire that day because you plan on participating in the drill, please let Campfire know.