Are you ready to step into a new role at SES? The PTSA has many openings for you to consider! First and perhaps most importantly, we are holding elections at our final PTSA General Meeting on May 30. If you would like to get your name in the hat for any of the elected positions, please let me know. The elected positions are Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President. We have some wonderful folks who have expressed an interest in these roles, but we welcome all who are interested to reach out, learn more and sign up!

If an elected position seems too extreme but you still want to help out, take a look at the following openings. There is surely something for you:

  • Communications coordinator (Messenger & Facebook)
  • Coordinator of wreath and poinsettia sales
  • Coordinator of tree recycling (with help form last year’s awesome leads)
  • Middle school childcare coordinator
  • Lord of the Lost and Found 

I am happy to answer questions and provide more information if you are unsure or curious about what any of these positions entail. Let me know: We would love to have you come aboard!