Exclusion day for state-required vaccinations is Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Letters will be mailed to parents whose children are not up to date or whose records are incomplete. Should you receive a letter, please provide updated information to the school as soon as possible. Children who are not current for vaccinations by February 17 will not be able to attend school until records are complete. If you need assistance in locating a health care provider or clinic site, please contact the SES nurse. For non-medical exemptions use this link.
“What happened to the religious exemption I signed?”

At Sunnyside Enviromental, a number of students had the old “religious exemption.” The law changed March 1, 2014, and all student records must comply with this new law. If you have not signed the new non-medical exemption paperwork and completed the vaccine education module, your student will now show up as having no record.