In preparation for the school-wide reunification drill in late March, we are offering two reunification workshops at SES on March 9. The times for these workshops are 9-10am and 7-8pm (directly following the Site Council Info meeting).

How will you reunite with your family immediately following a disaster? What are the PPS protocols for reunification? Do you work across the river or north of I-84? Are your emergency contacts up to date with the SES office, and do your emergency contacts know what they need to do? Does your family have a reunification site if the disaster happens outside of school hours? So many daunting questions! In these workshops, we’ll walk through these and other questions together, as a community.

“True resilience is not in having a fortified home that can stand in isolation with an abundance of toilet paper. True resilience is in our relationships to each other. Because wherever those relationships exist, home will rebuild itself.” – Susan Hayes, following Hurricane Irene

Toilet paper is still good, though.

Please email Holly Cook at if you’re interested in child care for the evening meeting.