Our Back-to-School Request helps fund Sunnyside’s enrichment programs such as:
  • SES Gardening and Outdoor Classroom Program
  • Virtual Art And Music Enrichment Program
  • Teacher Grants
  • Virtual Field Studies

The amount requested ($150per student) is determined by calculating roughly what all of our fundraising needs are to support SES each year, and then dividing the number of students enrolled at SES.


Some of you have shared that you feel fortunate and lucky, expressed that you want to give more than you have in the past and asked how to do so. Other community members are experiencing traumatic financial hardship, and we understand that you may not be able to contribute at all. The pandemic has revealed the spectrum of home/job/life experiences that are alive within our community during this unprecedented time in our lives. If you are able to give more, thank you. If you are not, we’ve got you. Everyone is better only when everyone is better, and as a school it is our job to meet the needs of each and every child, as well as each and every family.

Please give as you are able and know that we will continue to hold fundraisers as we can safely and there may be small classroom asks as appropriate throughout the year to support all of our students, classrooms, and grades.

Your donations pay for important programs unique to Sunnyside which are not funded by PPS. It takes all of us to make Sunnyside a special school. If you have questions or concerns please go to sesptsa.com and click on the “contact” pull down menu to contact us. There is also a section of our website called “Where does the Money Go?” which will explain more about our yearly budget.

I can help! Please visit www.schoolpay.com, use the “nonprofit groups” tab on the left to find our BTS ask to make a tax deductible contribution (you can sign up here for a recurring monthly donation as well). Your school pay may have different nonprofit groups depending on what other schools your kiddos attend.

If you would prefer to pay by check, please make your check payable to SES PTSA and mail your contribution to:

3421 SE Salmon St.
Portland OR 97214

Every dollar and every cent is helpful and appreciated and serves all the kids at SES.

Thank You!